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Capital Waters is a non-profit foundation, that aims to work with all stakeholders in the market to improve the ease of making and receiving investments. As cornerstone in our approach, lie the template documents, that investors, entrepreneurs and advisors can use. They have as goal to avoid unnecessary work as well as shorting negotiations by working with standards, as much as possible. The standard documents aim to represent a middle ground market standard, to which both sides of the table can relate. Continuous feedback on the use of the documents is a key objective to improve and maintain the documents and our way of working.

As foundation capital waters operates without any subsidy, we encourage all stakeholder to contribute as partner. The income will be spent on further increasing the uptake of the documents and awareness and knowledge about venture deals. We invite all stakeholders to support this cause by supporting it publicly and by signing up as partner. There are several benefits of being a partner, like being visible at a point in time when both investors and entrepreneurs are exploring deal terms. As partner, you will also be invited to Capital Water events.

In particular, we would like to invite as partner law firms, who can make themselves more attractive partner for startup entrepreneurs, by subscribing to the templates and the method of Capital Waters, as entrepreneurs are keen to keep costs low. Besides that, law firms will be kept up to date on most recent changes and tap into shared usage data. We invite investors and venture capital firms to join as partner, to indicate that they are open to working with the Capital Waters templates. The Regional Development companies are particularly relevant to join. Investors are a key stakeholder for feedback on the documents.

Companies that were able to attract investment, are asked to become a partner, to endorse our method and to support the cause. Our startup partners will be regularly asked for feedback on the process content of the documents.

Type of Partner
Law firms
Venture Capital firms
Individual investors (Angels)
Startup/scale up companies
On demand

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