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Capital Waters was founded with the goal of making early stage investing easier, to reduce time spent on negotiating deals and to reduce legal fees paid to lawyers. One of the manners in which we aim to achieve this is by ensuring that any changes to the Capital Waters standard are shown when using our documents, so the discussion can focus on these few differences instead of the full agreement. The Capital Waters documents can accordingly only be used under two restrictions: 1. You have to show the other side of the table on which parts (if any) you deviated from the Capital Waters standard, and 2. You have to keep a small Capital Waters sign in the header of your contract to make clear that you have followed the terms of use. In software, people are familiar with these restrictions under the license Creative Commons BY-ND 4.0. Or just ‘comply or explain’. This ‘comply or explain’ format was introduced in February 2019. Currently, only the updated Subscription Agreement and Shareholders Agreement for Preferred Share deals are available in the new format. The other documents can be found in the Archive section (see sub-menu). All documents will be updated from time to time.

Alternate Investment Instruments




Jul 2021

Convertible Loan Agreements




Aug 2022

Employee Incentive Plans

Preferred Share Deal Shareholders Agreement

Preferred Share Deal Subscription Agreement

Preferred Share Deal Term Sheet




Feb 2023

Ordinary Share Deal Subscription & shareholders Agreements



March 2024

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